Skyships Services

We have started our journey to maritime excellence in service to our principals. While attending the vessels, we have always tried our best to safeguard the interest in all respects of foreign principals. Since decade of our services and our continuous efforts to achieve total customer satisfaction we have expanded our span of service to the customer with. Our success owes to our customers/Ship Owners/Private Maritime Security Company/ Charterers/ Ship Brokers to have trust in our self and providing opportunity to serve them better.

As the shipping business is across the globe which requires knowledge of law of land, good rapport with local authorities and over and above trustworthiness of the agent who takes care of matter for principals’.

All our clients are satisfy with our services in terms of cost effective, and no delay of port Formalities, relationship with the Authority and the Agent required to know the Law of Green peace as well as the ISPS and local authority including Sri Lanka Immigration rules, Sri Lanka Customs rules, Sri Lanka Ports Authority . In this regards we are humbly to say that our director is highly experienced of person in the field of Port formalities. So we have been handling many ships a year. We are aiming excellence in Maritime trade and total satisfaction to principals.